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Dante Yarbrough

Fine Artist

An award-winning artist, Dante Yarbrough, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Having earned a BFA degree from Clark Atlanta University, Dante’s distinctive artistry has been sought after for years.  His canvas and wood paneled collections range from figurative, to expressionist, to the abstract.  From sensual, to the mundane, to the ethereal, Dante's figures float, flail, and hide within his painterly and gestural form.    


Dante's artwork is mostly concerned with issues provoked by the fragility of mankind and the way in which both humanity's indiscretions and triumphs contribute to a larger social body.  His artwork is a direct correlation of an immediate existence as his spiritual, mental, and social environments interconnect.  In essence, the artistry of Dante symbolizes freedom amidst confinement, healing despite pain, and calm within chaos.

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