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Darline Stuart

Fine Artist

Darline Stuart was BORN TO CREATE. Born on September 15,1991 in Port-Au Prince Haiti, she had a passion for art beginning as early as primary school. 


Reflecting on the beginning of her road as an artist, “I could remember that I use to go to the library with my classmates and my eyes would light up when I would see pictures in the books. I actually use to trace photos out from some of the books to give to people and say that I did it!” 


Fast-forward a few years later she stared drawing dresses because she thought that she would become a fashion designer, which she never pursued. “Looking at who and where I Am today, everything that I love is being incorporated into one big mix. It took me a few years to develop and arrive to my new approach both artistically and creatively but I love it. I don’t believe I should put myself in a box, so this is why my art work has such a vast variety.”


Stuart figured how to blend two cultures using her art to motivate and inspire others, especially women of color. Her focus is on woman of color because growing up she did not see black women being represented as beautiful powerful Queens, especially woman of a darker complexation like herself. Therefore she uses her art to remind women of their Royal Essence.

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