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John Glover

Fine Artist

John Glover is an American artist from Augusta, Georgia who captures the essence of today’s new millennium. Glover works in a wide array of mediums--acrylic, ink, pencil, charcoal and oil etc. His natural flair for artistic pursuits took a more scholarly approach when he studied at American International University and Georgia State, both in Atlanta.  

As a student, he earned extra income by painting portraits.  Now as a professional artist he has continued to create  portraits, but on a more profound level.  Glover studies current and vintage family photographs. Then he interprets them is his own inimitable style, creating unique visuals of the figures on canvas.

Glover's approach to art is very scholarly.  He first does research on a concept; after careful contemplation of the subject, he begins the visualization process within his mind.  Then Glover works with his brushes, dipping them into meticulously chosen vivid hues-- thus transposing the vision into a painting that is dynamic and thought provoking to the viewer. 

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