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Lamar Bailey

Fine Artist

Lamar Bailey is an artist native to Atlanta, Georgia. As a devoted and proud husband and father, Lamar's creative journey was influenced by his grandfather, himself a talented artist. The familial influence left an impact on Lamar, shaping his artistic direction. 

Lamar's artistic style is a captivating fusion of abstract expressionism and realism, a reflection of his deep connection to the emotions and experiences of his community. He has a unique and innovative approach, often utilizing cardboard and cardstock as unconventional canvases to breathe life into his creations.

In 2013, Lamar unveiled a compelling body of work titled "Little Black Boy," which acquired significant attention when showcased and auctioned at Hartfield Atlanta Airport. This event marked his contribution to the new art fundraising initiative by the Fulton County School System. Lamar's commitment to making a positive impact through his art also extends to the "Works of Heart Benefit," where his work was auctioned to raise both funds and awareness for abused children.

Lamar's dedication to his craft and his community is evident in his numerous exhibitions and contributions. He has exhibited his most recent works at ArticulateAtl, a non-profit organization that provides a platform for emerging local artists to showcase and sell their artwork. His participation in events like The Deep Exhibition 2023, ArticulateATL 2022 and 2023, Rush Hour Exhibit 2023, Black Boy Art Show 2023, Art of the South 2022, Charleston and Friends Art Exhibition 2023, The Future Dead Artists Exhibition 2022, The Ripening Exhibition 2023, and Euphoria Art Show 2023 to name a few highlights his commitment to both his craft and the vibrant art scene. Lamar Bailey's artistic journey is one to watch, as he continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of creativity and community spirit.

Through his canvas and brushstrokes, Lamar Bailey not only captures the essence of his community but also shares his passion for art, storytelling, and social change.

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