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Shawn (STU) Stewart

Fine Artist

Shawn (STU) Stewart is a self-taught artist that hails from the city if Dayton, Oh. Growing up he played sports and later went on to receive his Bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering. At no point in his life would he foresee becoming the established artist he is today. And in such a short period of time at that. His story is one of growth and Self realization.

In 2017 Shawn settled into a new home and realized his bare walls could use some art. He reached out to a childhood friend of his who just so happened to be an up and, coming artist himself. After a brief discussion concerning pricing, Shawn realized that a commissioned piece at the time would be above his means. The next morning, he awoke with an idea. An idea that would change his life forever. He thought to himself “how hard can this painting thing be?” He paid the local craft store a visit and for the first time created three original works of art. After Painting for the first time, He felt a very familiar sensation to create again. A sensation that had long been forgotten along with his childhood sketches of superheroes. Fast forwarding to the present, This self-taught Artist has holistically immersed himself in the world of Fine Art. Teaching himself how to navigate the subtle nuances of becoming an artist in all aspects. Currently Specializing in Portrait & Photo realism art. Shawn explains that for him, Art has been more of an internal Journey than anything. Affording him the opportunity to create using the farthest depths of his imagination and subconscious.

“I find a profound beauty in humanity and love how it manifests in my work. Using facial features, facial expressions, Anatomy, and body language as a catalyst for nonverbal communication. This allows the viewer to have a very personal and unique conversation with the Piece. Also giving them the opportunity to conceptually draw their own narrative. I feel being a self-taught artist affords me the ability to see the world of art through an unfiltered lens. Not tethered to any ideas of technique or uniformity. I create simply in Hope’s that people will be able to connect with my work on a human level that inspire unity.”

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