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Ty Davis

Fine Artist

Hard work, innovation and dedication, are the core values that lay the foundation for any artist.

These values are what sets the best apart from the rest. These values are what the artist Ty

Davis embodies.

Blessed with a natural ability for art, Ty Davis learned to develop his talents in Columbia, SC

and fell in love with art through the influence of his grandmother's love for collecting black art. It

was then that he became dedicated to becoming an artist the world remembered. It was while

living in Orangeburg, SC that Ty Davis honed his skills and decided to set out and create a style

and technique to call his own. After years of painting, studying and creating, Ty discovered a

technique that would cement his name as one of the Carolinas premier artists and soon caught

the attention of the local Carolina art scene. Exhibiting in numerous group exhibitions and

festivals, from Artfields and Piccolo Spoleto, to helping to establish the first gallery in Charleston

exclusively for black artists, Nemma Fine Art Gallery, and showing in W. Andre Allen

Contemporary Art Gallery, Ty continues to march to the beat of his own drum, pushing culture

forward and breaking barriers.

The style of Ty Davis can be defined as modern contemporary colorfield works, influenced by

some of his favorite artists such as Sam Gilliam, Helen Frankenthaler and Mark Bradford, but

taking it to a more millennial realm by adding depth, layers and elements that draw the viewer

deeper inside his world.

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