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Damon Mescudi

Fine Artist

Painting for over 30 years, Mescudi’s work exudes vibrant and expressive abstract visions, using form, texture, and color. The work deals with mind and spirit, while expressing social views, and cultural perspectives. As an artist of African descent, as well as an American Artist, becoming an abstract artist has been a journey. 


Mescudi attended the Art Institute of Atlanta studying Visual Communication, along with art history. This was the beginning of my artistic edification, and education, which opened the door for my creative expression.


He began to explore the world of fine art shortly thereafter, and discovered artist such as Norman Lewis, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko, and from there his work took on its own identity.


Form and texture are most prevalent in his work, as the form gives life to social structure allowing the textures to capture the cultural landscape of our country, while the color illuminates the emotional tone of which he takes place.

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