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Okeeba Jubalo

Fine Artist

OKEEBA JUBALO is an American painter based in Charleston, South Carolina whose creations are centered on illuminating the undefined and sometimes bitter truths of people of African American descent.  He uses sketchy, yet vibrant and soulfully layered paint strokes with his original hand-written poetry. His infiltration of aged photos has become a prominent characteristic of his work.  His strong, in-your-face artistry invokes conversations that are seldom discussed in large social arenas.  


     Okeeba Jubalo has taken it upon himself to create a visual voice for those made invisible in America's social, economic and political infrastructure.  He draws his inspiration from his share cropping forefathers and experience.  His artwork is a reflection of his vision of his perspective on the struggle of today's African American.  


Religious, social and political subject matter drive the message of his artistry.  His artistic technique draws the audience into a visual history lesson that speaks to today's social landscape.  

     Okeeba Jubalo will continue to address some of the major concerns, issues and circumstances faced by African Americans from a socioeconomic standpoint.  By addressing the past, he hopes that conversations invoked by his artwork will lead to global positive actions, and educating African American youth about sacrifices made by his and her ancestors.  

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