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Christine Johnson

Fine Artist

Christine D. Johnson creates abstract, soulful, introspective paintings that represents the characteristics that we strive to embody such as authenticity, humility, patience and resilience. The art is a reminder or an invitation to continuously seek the strength within and to have the courage to fulfill your purpose.


The images reflect our journey to self-identity, the meditative process needed to get there, and the rewarding peace and clarity obtained if we have successfully done the work. The raw images also capture the natural essence and the beauty of our uniqueness.  

Growing up in Jamaica, she was surrounded by people who were not defined by their lack of material wealth; their strength was rooted deep within themselves. This is the energy that her art reflects and reminds others to harness.


When she creates art, she shows up at the canvas, surrender, and wait patiently for miracles.  She learned to release preconceived expectations of how the finished piece should appear, instead listens and creates spontaneously. She recognizes the healing aspect of art and knows that her art pieces will add serenity where they live.  

Christine majored in psychology and minored in art at Shippensburg University then she received a Master Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from St. Francis University.  She started exhibiting in 1994; most recently, she has exhibited at the Park Circle Gallery, Moody Jones Gallery, Charleston City Waterfront Gallery (Spoleto and MOJA), and Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery. Also, she was featured in World Art News and Arts Illustrated online magazines (below). She looks forward to a lifetime of bringing inspiration through the arts.


YouTube Artist Talk and biography videos —

Christine D. Johnson, Visual Artist and Poet, Time to Bloom

Artist Talk – Christine D. Johnson and Moody Jones Gallery (A Visual Journey to Peace)

Interview by Okeeba Jubalo of Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery in North Charleston


Artist Interview Articles-

Article in World Art News -

Article in Arts Illustrated -

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